Jun 30, 2011

Super Helpful Gluten Free Apps

Finding gluten free restaurants, info and products just got easier if you have an iPhone! The apps that I have on my Droid might be different than the apps on an Apple iPhone. 

 Here are some of my favorite apps:

GF Ingredients $1 - Contains a quick list of all the acceptable and not acceptable list of ingredients. This will make shopping easier. However, I would still call a company if you are not sure about contamination. 

Find Me Gluten Free - This app is awesome! It finds your location and lists the closest gf restaurants. It also has a list of chain restaurants, like Wendy's or subway, where it lets you see their menus. I highly recommend it! 

CeliacFacts - This is an interesting app that informs you about the most recent Celiac news. It is not super useful on the go, but if you're looking for a good read than this one is for you. 

GF Scanner - pretty much the coolest idea ever, however, it does not have everything you search for. It still has a lot of stuff though. How it works: You take whatever you have and it scans the bar code to see if it is gf or not. 

If anyone has any other apps that they love make a comment below so we can all enjoy in their helpfulness! 

Happy glutenfreeing! 

-Leesa Allison
BYU Celiac Club President

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